Valar the Scarred

A towering young man, Valar's dark skin is covered by numerous scars. His head is shaved and his eyes are a cool blue. He reveals little through his expression, maintaining an attitude of determined stoicism.


HP: 30
AC: 14, touch 12, flat 12
W/shield: 16, touch 12, flat 14

Init: +2
Fort: +8
Ref: +2
Will: +4

Attacks: falchion + 5, damage 2d4 + 3, crit 18-20 x2
scimitar + 5, damage 1d6 + 3, crit 18-20 x2

Relevant skills:
Perception +2
Intimidate +4


Orphaned in a brutal gnoll attack, Valar then survived the Osiriani desert for two days on his own, while wounded from the attack. He was found by a group of slavers and was put to work on an rstate in Osiria. His owner, an elderly merchant named Fahdir, took a liking to the stoic young man. Approachin the end of his life, Fahdir decided to free Valar. He gave him a small amount of gold, and set him free in the city of Absalom.
Valar had been called “the scarred” by Fahdir’s guards, so he took the title as his surname. Having grown up in the deserts of Garund, Valar decided to head north from Absalom to Avistan. He is now wandering, hoping to find his calling in life, whatever that may be….

Valar the Scarred

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