With pointed ears, reddish skin, and rams' horns that curl back from his brow behind his ears, there is no hiding Scander's infernal heritage. He is lithe and moves with a smooth grace. His dark hair and his clothes are unkempt, giving him a somewhat ragg


HP: 18
AC: 17, touch 14, flat 13

Init: +4
Fort: +3
Ref: +6
Will: +2

Attacks: balanced bastard sword + 5, damage 1d10+ 2, crit 19-20 x2
Sneak attack + 1d6

Relevant skills:
Stealth +10
Perception +5
Disable Device +6 (traps +7)


Born in Westcrown, Scander was abandoned by his parents and left on the streets. He was taken in by another tiefling and raised to be a thief. He recently joined a gang called the Bastards of Erebus, but he was unsure of the group’s violent tendencies. He left them just prior to many of them being slain in an attack by a group of freedom fighters.
Fearing reprisals by his former associates, he decided to get out of Westcrown for the time being, and accompanied the young noble Averoth Illdren on his journey.


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