Averoth Illdren

A stern looking youth with an imperious air about him. He has dark hair and brown eyes. He is Broad shouldered and heavily muscled. He usually has a knowing smirk on his face, as if he's privy to something that others are not.


HP: 22
AC: 17, touch 10, flat 17

Init: +2
Fort: +7
Ref: +0
Will: +1

Attacks: falchion + 6, damage 2d4 + 6, crit 18-20 x2
power attack falchion + 5, damage 2d4 + 9, crit 18-20 x2

Relevant skills:
Perception +1
Intimidate +6
Diplomacy +6


The second youngest member of the once illustrious House Illdren of Westcrown in Cheliax, Averoth may be the most self important. His lowly standing as the 6th son of the house has done little to curb his ambition. With the death of his father, Dyrocles, the seat of the once great house has been left vacant, held for the scion who restores the house to greatness, a will enforced by the shade of Dyrocles and the dark wizard Phaegrim.
Trained by his older brother Faskos, Averoth has set out to find a way to restore his house’s glory.

Averoth Illdren

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