• Averoth Illdren

    Averoth Illdren

    A stern looking youth with an imperious air about him. He has dark hair and brown eyes. He is Broad shouldered and heavily muscled. He usually has a knowing smirk on his face, as if he's privy to something that others are not.
  • Scander


    With pointed ears, reddish skin, and rams' horns that curl back from his brow behind his ears, there is no hiding Scander's infernal heritage. He is lithe and moves with a smooth grace. His dark hair and his clothes are unkempt, giving him a somewhat ragg
  • Valar the Scarred

    Valar the Scarred

    A towering young man, Valar's dark skin is covered by numerous scars. His head is shaved and his eyes are a cool blue. He reveals little through his expression, maintaining an attitude of determined stoicism.