The Return of Cafeteria


Coleman Guest DM

Apparently the party fought orcs and spiders. Ha. just wait till tomorroq muhuahhaha


Was a tough few battles a few of us went down, and some almost went down.


Having escaped the caravan of death, the heroes decide to camp in the nearby forest in order to rest and recover. While scouting the area, they discovered an Orcish warband that was following the caravan and scavenging supplies from its victims. The heroes tracked the orcs to their camp, and as they were spying, they were discovered and attacked. The heroes managed to prevail, and salvaged what they could from the orc camp. Wounded and weary, they returned to their own camp. Unfortunately, there would be no rsst for them there as it seemed they had set up camp in an area infested with giant spiders. The spiders killed a few of the party, and poisoned several others before being killed.


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